CSMC – Ep. 4: Election Special: Courting the Minority Single Mom Vote.

Last night, we hosted a video chat centered on voting and the upcoming presidential election. Our guest panelist was Beyond Baby Mamas community member, Katrice Evans, a single mom and student working in the medical profession.

Because the election is less than two weeks out, we wanted be sure to host a Conversation with Single Mothers of Color webcast in advance of November 6. Unfortunately, though we’d invited and hoped to secure a larger number of guest panelists, we were unable to coordinate schedules and overcome technological for last night’s chat.

Obviously, the views of our host and our guests do not provide a comprehensive read on the responses of single mothers to this campaign or their attitudes toward the issues at stake in this election. So we’d love to hear from you in our comments section here, on our FB page, and/or via Twitter.

Please tell us how you feel about this election.

We kicked off this discussion in advance of the webcast, via social media, asking single mothers of color to tell us whether or not they felt that their votes were “sufficiently courted.” We posed this query in response to a New York Times piece on courting the single woman’s vote.

The piece doesn’t control for race but does touch on single mothers. It occurs to us, however, that we haven’t seen more courting of the minority single mother’s vote because it’s assumed that we would be for the candidate who intends to preserve or expand social programs and support funding in the areas of health care, education, equal pay, and reproductive rights.

In last night’s webcast, we solicited the opinions of minority single moms who are registered republicans and/or who intend to cast their vote for Mitt Romney. If you’re in that category, we’d love to hear from you.

Please refer to the description section of this episode’s YouTube link for more info on the articles and issues referenced during the webcast.

Ideas we didn’t have the opportunity to explore at length on-air include:

  • the strange discourse regarding women that’s become so predominant during this campaign, particularly as it relates to “defining” rape, contraceptive coverage, abortion/personhood, and equal pay
  • the clear disparity between the ways in which the Obama/Biden ticket understand single motherhood (and womanhood) and the ways in which the Romney/Ryan ticket do.
  • Obama’s single-parent, multigenerational rearing have informed his social conscience
  • misconceptions about early voting (and blatant misinformation about what is required in order to vote and the so-called “methods” of voting. Did y’all know there are people out here spreading the word that you can vote by phone or text?!)

As always, if you’d like to weigh in on any of those issues or on your general voting attitudes, leave us a comment.

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