Exes and Boundaries: Maintaining a Healthy Balance Between Your Current Mate and the ‘X-Factor.’

It is always important to do first what is in the best interest of your children at any given time; but from time to time, co-parents cause mix-ups, messes, and tensions–especially when either or both have moved on to new relationships. The ideal situation would be for all parties to live in perfect harmony, right? […]

Founder Fridays: Happy Holidays!

I know I’ve promised you all daily content, and I’ve been making an effort to honor that commitment. Really. You may’ve noticed, however, that this week we were a little short, with just two posts, not including this one. We experienced some technical difficulties this week, and, as you all know, things got a bit […]

Why Gender-Neutral Toys Are Important to Single Moms.

The holidays are upon us! Have you finished shopping for your little and not-so-little ones? If you’re like me, you may still need to get out here in these toy-store-lined streets and pick up a few more gifts. If so, this post may be just for you. Holiday shopping always makes me hypersensitive to the […]

Making Sense of the Senseless: Gathered Reflections on Sandy Hook.

Even after a weekend of attempting to process the Sandy Hook tragedy, it’s still been fairly difficult to parse much of what’s happened. Fortunately, many writers and thinkers have worked tirelessly at attempting to do just that since Friday. We thought it might be a good idea to gather some of the best work we’ve […]

Founder Fridays: In Memoriam, Sandy Hook Elementary Students and Faculty

I had an entirely different message planned for today, but it’s become necessary to devote this space to the unimaginable tragedy that’s occurring in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School today. There’s nothing we can say and there’s very little we can do. As parents and as conscientious human beings with children in our […]