Making Sense of the Senseless: Gathered Reflections on Sandy Hook.

[TIME magazine]
Even after a weekend of attempting to process the Sandy Hook tragedy, it’s still been fairly difficult to parse much of what’s happened. Fortunately, many writers and thinkers have worked tirelessly at attempting to do just that since Friday. We thought it might be a good idea to gather some of the best work we’ve read on Sandy Hook thus far, as well as some of the most compelling sentiments and images.

We welcome you to add to or weigh in on our list in the comments section.

  • Melissa Harris-Perry, on parenting and gun control: “We cannot make them safe at all times.”
  • Carolyn Edgar: “What About Adam Lanza’s Father?”
  • LeVar Burton on maintaining normalcy for children after trauma
  • Hartford Courant photo gallery of the deceased
  • NPR has transcript and audio for President Obama’s moving speech at the December 16 interfaith vigil in Newtown, CT
  • The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson on kindergartners and courage
  • Slate’s Emily Willingham on why Asperger’s wasn’t responsible for this unspeakable tragedy
  • A beautiful photograph of six-year-old Ana Grace Marquez-Greene with her father, jazz musician Jimmy Greene has gone viral on Facebook.
  • HuffPost Black Voices features Jimmy Greene’s 2009 song, “Ana Grace,” which was composed in honor of his daughter.
  • Ana, featured here with her brother, Isaiah singing “Come Thou Almighty King”:
  • Community Blogger k l moore suggests we find ways to honor the memory of the victims, in the long-term. A call to action:

maybe we all should select at least one victim of this tragedy and breathe their name, forever. collect it as we have our first crush, the man who stopped to change our tire on our way to church in his double-breasted suit, the lady who gave away the best halloween candy.

we be amassing these names of killers, and their victims just remain tallies years after the crimes have been committed. these children, and educators are beyond this tragedy. their possibilities ended. just hold one of these lost humans, individuals as close as those you are still loving today. join me in being a bone collector, and put some meat onto their memories.

Please add your own links to Sandy Hook coverage, insights, and other comments below.

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