Founder Fridays: Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays!

I know I’ve promised you all daily content, and I’ve been making an effort to honor that commitment. Really.

You may’ve noticed, however, that this week we were a little short, with just two posts, not including this one. We experienced some technical difficulties this week, and, as you all know, things got a bit hectic around these parts, with all the holiday prep. (See this week’s post on gender-neutral toys. If any last-minute toy shoppers are reading, it may give you one more thing to consider before making those last-minute selections.)

Are you all ready for next week?! We’d really love to know what you have planned and how you make the holidays a special time for your little ones, as a single parent. Leave us your anecdotes and tips in the comments section!

For my part, I love playing this Jackson 5 classic for my two-year-old. I hope you all enjoy as much as we do:

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Have a safe and loving weekend. We care. We’re here. And we applaud you.

With hope and admiration,

Stacia L. Brown, Founder

P.S. will return with new content on Wednesday, December 26.

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