The Odd Couple: Navigating Mother-Daughter Differences.

When I found out I was pregnant and officially accepted my mission to be a mother, I didn’t count on my daughter and I being an odd couple. As my pregnancy progressed, I knew that I would be a single parent. I made peace with it and have pretty much been winging it ever since. Yet there are two things I didn’t think I would ever have to fret over until I encountered them head on.

Six years have gone by and I still find myself in the trenches of these nuisances. Let me start with the most obvious oddness: the difference in our complexions. I’m turning out to be the kind of mother that has to (or feels the need to) correct certain people when they look at my kid and immediately make assumptions based on our complexions.

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Cissy Houston on Mothering Through Addiction.

Did any of you catch last night’s special presentation of Oprah’s Next Chapter with songstress and mother Cissy Houston? If so, you know it was at turns revelatory, admirable, and deeply tragic — much like the life and career of the woman Oprah and Ms. Houston came together to discuss: Cissy’s daughter, the incomparable Whitney Houston.

Though there’s much that I could say about the interview itself, throughout which Ms. Cissy is candid, calm, and (mostly) gracious, though it’s clear that her pain is deep and the strain of her grief hasn’t eased in the near-year since Whitney’s death, there’s one quote that really stood out for me, as the mother of a young daughter.

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Founder Friday: Every Single Parent of Color Has a Story. What’s Yours?

Happy Friday, folks! If you’ve stopped by at any point during this week, I’d like to personally thank you. If you’ve told someone about our online community, shared or retweeted a link from your social media account, or decided to like or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, triple thanks! Word of mouth is […]

From Woman to Pit Bull and Back Again: Overcoming Post-Divorce Bitterness.

I became a baby mother by default or maybe because I am my single mother’s child. I was married for seven years before the marriage failed and I filed for divorce. I felt that the marriage was so volatile that it would only produce unbalanced children. I did everything everyone else said to do to […]

‘Second Generations Wayans’ aka ‘No Country for Single Mothers.’

BET’s new pseudo-reality series Second Generation Wayans sure has a lot to say about single mothers — and let’s just say it’s not laudatory stuff. In last week’s debut, Craig Wayans’ ex-wife character was introduced. Before she was shown, the script made clear her contentious relationship with the star. In her first scene, however, the […]