Founder Fridays: What to Expect from BBM in 2013.


Happy New Year, BBM Community!

Congratulations on successfully making it through 2012. It was an amazing yet trying year. Now that the holidays have drawn to a close and we’ve opened a new chapter with the start of 2013, there’s so much I’d like to tell you about what you can expect from Beyond Baby Mamas in the upcoming months.

Here’s a preliminary list of plans on our horizon:

1. Weekly/Monthly Columns

In addition to the daily content we committed to providing in the final months of 2012, this year we intend to offer 1-2 recurring features: an advice column and a monthly “expert’s column.” Each will provide an opportunity for our community to seek answers to their pressing single parenting questions and/or receive specialized tips on target issues related to their minority solo parenting experiences.

2. Promotions and Community-Building

Though we’re off to a wonderful start with growing our social media participation, in 2013 we expect to step up our efforts with a few promotional offers/products that will help to spread the word about BBM’s existence and the support it provides.

3. Nonprofit Status

Since starting BBM in September 2012, I’ve been planning to transition our organization to a nonprofit. With 501(c)3 status, we’ll be able to assemble an influential board of directors who’ll assist us in implementing some of the grander initiatives we’ve been sketching out for you all.

4. Events/Meet-ups

On a very small scale, we’d like to pull off 1-3 BBM meet-ups this year, preferably during the summer months and/or in honor of Mother’s and Father’s Days. These will likely occur in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area.

5. The Return of CSMC

In the last quarter of 2012, we set out to provide webcasts with single parent panelists each week. What we were able to produce was solid but finding and coordinating schedules with panel participants proved more challenging than I initially figured. As a result, the “weekly” nature of the webcast changed pretty quickly. This year, we’ll be resuming Conversations with Single Mothers of Color webcasts, but we’ll aim for a monthly basis rather than weekly.

6. Podcasts

In addition to difficulties scheduling, I also learned that many single parents who were interested in joining our CSMC panels didn’t have access to webcams. To accommodate those parents, we’re looking into addition a CSMC podcast. We’ll have more specific info on that in upcoming weeks.

As always, we’re also interested in your ideas. What initiatives would you like to see us implement this year?

Above all, we look forward to providing you with top-notch website content, opportunities to network with and encourage other single parents of color, and tips/advice/resources that will assist you in the challenges of raising gorgeous, healthy, and thriving children.

Have a safe and loving weekend. We care. We’re here. And we applaud you.

With hope and admiration,

Stacia L. Brown, Founder

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