First Family Realness: A Single Parent’s Response to the 2013 Inauguration.

Yesterday was a celebration of diversity: racial, sexual, gender, relationship, and family diversity. From the President’s bold inaugural address, which championed very specific left-leaning values to Cuban American poet Richard Blanco’s gorgeous inaugural poem, “One Today,” which invoked the rich tapestry of cultures in this country and the power of national (and, broader, basic human) […]

Single Moms, Soul Food Junkies, and Managing Time and Diet.

Little Hugs. Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Fried chicken. French fries. Pork-seasoned veggies. Sometimes, lunch-packing and meal-planning can feel like a battleground. What’s easiest in the short-term, least harmful in the long-term? What’s cheapest? It’s no secret that sugary, starchy, greasy foods can be easiest to come by. There’s less prep involved with a lunch that […]

Founder Friday: The Blogosphere’s Single Mama Drama.

It’s been a wacky couple of weeks for single mothers–at least for those who follow reality TV or traipse through the blogosphere ever so often. Between rapper Shawty Lo’s “All My Baby Mamas,” the obligatory online petition that seeks to block its airing, the Essence interview with the petition’s creator, an article on why being […]

Beyond Baby Mamas Book of the Day: Single & Happy: The Party of Ones

  Friend of the blog J. Victoria Sanders, writer extraordinaire, has released her first book today. Single & Happy: The Party of Ones is part-memoir, part instructional guide for single women in pursuit of patience, hope, and contentment. Though Sanders’ target audience is childless single women, her experiences and tips have resonance for the Beyond Baby Mamas crowd, […]