We’re in ‘The Atlantic!’


In case you’ve missed it, unmarried motherhood has reached an all-time high according to the latest numbers from the Pew Research Center… which means there’s been a lot of public speculation about why mothers aren’t marrying the fathers of their kids.

Beyond Baby Mamas founder Stacia L. Brown writes in favor of actually asking some mothers, instead of using the numbers to create hypothetical, often alarmist narratives.

From the article:

The latest numbers on unmarried parenting are out. Pew reports that 58 percent of first births in lower-middle-class households and 40 percent of all U.S. births are to unwed mothers. Like clockwork, society has turned its collective gaze to the social and economic crises facing the single mother. And like clockwork, we mothers these statistics represent brace ourselves for the public’s moral scrutiny and fiscal concern. We become like specters; we may be at the center of national conversation, but we don’t often see much of our real lives reflected in it. Everyone’s asking around us; few people are speaking to us.


The simplest way to gain accurate perspective about unmarried mothering is to ask unmarried mothers. Beyond Baby Mamas, a new online support and advocacy initiative for single parents of color, focuses on facilitating this type of discourse. As its founder, I invite mothers to write personal essays and commentary about their families for our website and to engage in discussion via social media. Most importantly, we talk about our social, emotional, and financial needs and how they might best be met.

Read “How Unwed Mothers Feel About Being Unwed Mothers” in its entirety here.

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