Fun Friday Feature: A Single Mothers’ Mixtape.

Co-Parenting 101, an organization Beyond Baby Mamas deeply admires, recently featured divorce writer, coach and mentor Mandy Walker on their radio broadcast, Co-Parenting Matters, here they talked single parents and new relationships.

It’s worth a listen, whether you’re dating, you plan to, or you want to know how to navigate your co-parenting relationship and a new romance.

But if you’ve just broken up or you’re not quite ready for moving on or you’ve just hit a dip on the emotional rollercoaster that is single motherhood, you may need more than advice.

You may need a mixtape.

Here’s one we’ve assembled for you, with songs of love, loss, and moving on. Because dating’s hard. And, as our single mother friend Moxie can attest, so is divorce. And so is pining for a relationship you’re not ready to pursue. And you should be easy on yourself this weekend. Just click “play” and get your life*.

(Special thanks to everyone who contributed a suggestion for this list! It was truly a community effort!)

1. “Not Gon’ Cry” – Mary J. Blige

2. “No More Rain (In this Cloud)” – Angie Stone

3. “Heartbeat” – Taana Gardner

4. “Take This Ring” – Toni Braxton

5. “Superwoman” – Kandi feat. Tiny

6. “After the Love is Gone” – Earth, Wind, and Fire

7. “Outta Love” – Reel People feat. Omar

8. The Badu Trifecta: “Other Side of the Game,” “Green Eyes,” and “Out My Mind Just in Time”

9. “You Gets No Love” – Faith Evans

10. “Love Under New Management” – Miki Howard

We know you were probably looking for Vesta’s “Congratulations” and Cheryl Pepsii Riley’s “Thank You for My Child.” But it seems like any time people utter the words “music” and “single moms” in the same breath, these two songs come up. So we wanted to bypass them.

Feel free to add your own picks to the comment section below!

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