I Am No Sybrina Fulton: On Single Mothers, Loss, and Hope.

Here is the difference: I can check out. There are days when my heart holds vigil, when I can consume commentary from useful and inspiring angles and I can be useful and inspiring myself. Then, there are days like today, when I am so overcome with empathy and when what’s happened to Sybrina Fulton feels […]

Guest Post: Happy Father’s Day, Everybody!

Literally.  Happy Father’s Day to everybody. Twitter is a blessing and a curse. On the upside, it’s an amazing platform for the mingling of new ideas, a hub of creativity, and a great way to kill time and avoid all your offline responsibilities. At worst, it’s a microphone for the small minded, who have loud […]

On Father’s Day: “I Had a King Once.”

Our Affirming Black and Brown Fatherhood Series concludes today, with a post by Mark C. Coston, who was primarily raised by his paternal grandfather. His piece, cross-posted from his blog, Junkyard Salvation, is especially resonant for those dealing with loss, those who are beholden to extended family and non-relative father figures, and those whose emotional […]

Dare to Hope Again: Single Mom Jerdi on Incarceration and Parenting.

Today’s Community Blogger Jerdi writes a powerful, compelling account about the various ways in which her family is coping with the incarceration of her daughters’ father, their paternal grandmother, and other relatives. For single mothers of children with incarcerated fathers, Father’s Day can be complex and challenging. Our thoughts and support are with you this […]

Not Just Our Baby Daddies: Diverse Online Ideas on Minority Fatherhood.

Our Affirming Black and Brown Fatherhood Series concludes this weekend, with some final reflections on Father’s Day. We couldn’t be happier with the responses we’ve published from our featured fathers and the feedback we’ve received from our readers. (Special thanks to PostBourgie for crossposting both Roger’s and Stefan’s features.) Because no one site can cover […]