Buy a School Supply For a Single-Parent Family in Need!

Yesterday, we announced our online school supply drive for minority single parents in need. Today, we received our first three lists from families in need. We’ve created Amazon Wish Lists for each. Here are links to their lists, supplied by their schools and/or specific teachers.

UPDATE: All four families have been fully funded!! We’re looking to connect with more single-parent families who need school supply help, and we’ll post any new wish lists as they become available. Thank you so much for your support thus far! 

Family #5 was funded by a single donor within one half-hour of its posting. 

Family #6: A single mother in California on a very limited income has only been able to purchase pencils, paper, and a few folders for her daughter, who’s starting 7th grade in two weeks. Please join those who’ve already contributed by sharing this wish list and/or purchasing an item for this family.

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Family #1: This single mother of three from Louisville, KY sent us a list for her two youngest. Her sons are starting first and second grade this year — and, in addition to the supplies on their Amazon wish list, they also need help affording school uniforms. If you’d like to help with that, please email us at beyondbabymamas [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll mediate the donation.

Family #2: A Michigan single mom of a five-year-old daughter with some special needs. She is starting kindergarten. (Most of the items on this list have already been purchased, but if you can help with the remaining items, it would be greatly appreciated.)  UPDATE: Family #2 is fully funded! Thanks to all who’ve contributed! 

Family #3: A Kentucky single mother of six children needs help with their supplies. Please pay special attention to the quantity needs listed on the right of each list item. You can buy just one of each, but she needs no fewer than four of any item, unless otherwise marked.

Family #4: A Massachusetts single mother of one eight-year-old daughter. She will be starting second grade at the end of the month. Please help by purchasing one or more items for her list.

3 thoughts on “Buy a School Supply For a Single-Parent Family in Need!

  1. Great idea!
    Here’s some more info in NYC and Brooklyn…

    One of our Manhattan sister health centers is doing a school supply giveaway fair!

    Event: Back to School Health Fair
    Date: August 14, 2013
    Time: 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    Location: Community League Health Center, 1996 Amsterdam Avenue, New York
    Contact: Mildred Rivera (Tel: 212-781-7979; E-mail:
    Giveaways / school supplies, nutrition workshop, free basic martial arts class, BMI index, healthy snacks, free HIV testing and blood pressure screenings.

    We will be planning something similar in Brooklyn near the Whitman-Ingersoll-Farragut housing, at 297 Myrtle Avenue on Sept 7th! 718-596-9800 for more info!

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