Help More Single-Parent Families with School Supplies!

The 2013 Beyond Baby Mamas Online School Supply Drive is well underway! You all have been amazing so far; your willingness and eagerness to donate to single-parent families in need has exceeded our requests!

If you’re new to this initiative, here’s how it works, single-parent families with school-aged children email Beyond Baby Mamas their teacher-given or school-given supply lists, along with their mailing address. Beyond Baby Mamas generates Amazon wish lists for each family — and all supplies purchased are shipped directly from Amazon’s sellers to the mailing list the family provides.

We’ve already funded six families (Family #6 has only two items left, if someone wants to knock those out).

Here are our latest lists (Please note the quantities needed for each item):

Family #11: A Kalamazoo, MI single mother wrote us: “‘I’m looking for help for school supplies for my 3 kids. 17-year old girl, and 13-year old twin boys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.” UPDATE: Family #11 is FULLY FUNDED!

Family #7: A North Carolina college student wrote in on behalf of her mother, who has three school-aged kids still at home: “My mother doesn’t know about this but I hope it will help her a lot, she’s a single mother taking care of my three siblings: 10, 12, and 15. I want to do anything I can to help her with my siblings.”  UPDATE: Family #7 is FULLY FUNDED!

Family #8: A Los Angeles single mom of two wrote in: “My son is going to the 4th and my  daughter is starting Kindergarten. I work but it’s been a struggle. I am still trying to figure out how am I going to buy all of their school supplies, shoes and uniforms before the 3rd. I am a single mother of two barely making ends meet. We have been through a lot as a family and I refuse to disappoint my babies.” UPDATE: Family #8 is FULLY FUNDED!

Family #9: Also in Los Angeles, this single mother has three sons, aged 5, 7, and 9. Having to buy three sets of everything for her small children is pricey. “These supplies would be a blessing to my family.” UPDATE: Family #9 is FULLY FUNDED!

Family #10: A single mother in New York needs help with an overwhelming school list supplied by her six-year-old’s first-grade teacher. “I am really thankful for what you are doing to help single mothers. Even if not all the items can be filled, I really appreciate the help.”  UPDATE: Family #10 is FULLY FUNDED!

This list will be updated frequently, but please share this post widely. We’re hoping to meet as many needs as possible before August 30. The mothers who’ve been emailing Beyond Baby Mamas could really use your support!

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