Our First Annual School Supply Drive Ends with Family #25.

Our first annual Online School Supply Drive closes its email solicitation process today, when we’ve selected our last five families. Because we’re new to this kind of endeavor, we’re still refining our process and our limits, as a community.

Because of a loving, generous, and enthusiastic effort from sponsors and supporters, word of our drive spread quickly and this morning, we received an influx of request of families that truly exceeds our grasp. For the first time, we started to receive requests for laptops, clothing, and other pricey items for the school readiness of not just children but their parents who were returning, as well. Next year, we will be certain to be clearer about what we perceive to be the definition of “school supplies.”

We recognize the greatness of these families’ needs and hope to be able to make a greater impact next fall. But we believe it is most prudent to close our donation process at Family #25 — and, though we have received more requests than 25 in total, we will be choosing the final five families according to the reasonableness of their requests and the extent of their stated need.

Here are our latest updates and thank you so much to everyone who’s supported us and the families we’ve helped, throughout this process! We hope to fully fund each of our remaining families before wrapping up our initiative. Please tweet and share their lists via social media and consider donating one or more items, if possible.

Note: Family #17 was funded via Twitter shares before we were able to complete this post and list their wish list here.

Family #18: A single mother of four children, two sons, 15 and 8, and two daughters​, 12 and 7, in California needs lots of help with her children’s considerable school supply needs. From compass and protractor sets to crayons and backpacks, they’ve got a lot left to do. Please help them.

Family #19: A single mother of three small children, aged 9, 7, and 6. Two girls and one boy, in Bellflower, CA. UPDATE: Family #19 is FULLY FUNDED!

Family #20: This list is for the single mother of two small sons, ages 8 and 6, in Adelanto, CA. They’ve asked for very little. UPDATE: Family #20 is FULLY FUNDED!

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