For Potential Givers: A Feed-A-Single-Parent-Family Primer.

Since launching our holiday Feed-A-Single-Parent-Family holiday initiative yesterday, we’ve received overwhelming response, both from families in need and from generous supporters interested in donating. To streamline the process for the latter, here are some additional details and a separate form for those looking to give a grocery gift card to a family that could really use your support this holiday season:

  • Beyond Baby Mamas is a volunteer-run support community. Though we do have plans to transition into a fully-supported nonprofit organization in 2014, we are not currently one. Should you decide to help a family you do not know by donating a grocery gift card, your contribution cannot be claimed as a tax exemption.
  • Please complete the form below or email us beyondbabymamas at gmail dot com, providing ALL the information listed below.
  • We are, to the best of our ability, matching givers to families, based on family size and contribution amount. This is why it’s so useful for us to know how much you hope to contribute.
  • There is NO minimum contribution amount, provided the grocery store website for your family allows you to name your own amount. If you can only give a very small denomination, the family you’re assigned will receive your card, as well as other small denomination donors’, until he/she receives a sufficient amount.
  • Please allow 3-5 days to hear from Beyond Baby Mamas about your family.
  • Feel free to leave any other questions in our comments section below!

Thank you so much for your interest in helping a single-parent family in need!

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