Stranger in Her Eyes: A Single Mother’s Poem.

Gloria Malone is the mother of one beautiful daughter and the founder of TeenMomNYC.


Single mother doing an amazing job but I can’t and won’t do your job.

“Saying ‘daddy’ feels funny to me
because he doesn’t call and I don’t see him, Mommy.” 
Bedtime conversations where she wonders why she even calls you dad. 
While her expressing her point of view affects me,
really, it should affect you. 
But it doesn’t and it won’t because you’re not around. 
Random phone calls you think are great aren’t
doing anything for her to reaffirm your place in her life. 
The presents, cards, “just thinking of you text” never come,
so really you’re just someone else to her it seems. 
See it’s not my responsibility to do your job and
I’m no longer lying for you
and saying you can’t come because you’re working. 
I won’t lie for you. 
I certainly won’t lie to her for you. 
Don’t get me wrong; the random once a year flight
you pay for is nice but that’s not enough in her eyes
to keep you on her mind. 
The word ‘dad’ feels strange to her because
you have turned yourself into a stranger in her eyes. 
Gloria Malone is a freelance writer, pregnancy and parenting teen advocate, and creator of You can follow her on twitter at @GloriaMalone.

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