Single-Mom Squad Goals.

When I started Beyond Baby Mamas in 2013, my daughter had just turned 3 and I was working part-time as an adjunct professor, trying to take my freelance writing career to the next level. I knew I wanted BBM to be an online support group for single mothers of color, and I thought I understood how […]

Stranger in Her Eyes: A Single Mother’s Poem.

  Single mother doing an amazing job but I can’t and won’t do your job. “Saying ‘daddy’ feels funny to me because he doesn’t call and I don’t see him, Mommy.”  Bedtime conversations where she wonders why she even calls you dad.    While her expressing her point of view affects me, really, it should affect […]

Founder Friday: BBM Updates and Best Single-Mom Writing ‘Round the Web.

Greetings, Beyond Baby Mamas Community! First allow me to extend a (somewhat belated) Happy New Year wish to you all! I hope this year will bring you and your children some of the best opportunities of your life. May you all grow closer in love and understanding of one another. May you weather every challenge […]

On Adrian Peterson and the Public Stoning of Unmarried Grieving Parents.

It’s always difficult to process the death of an infant or toddler at the hands of an abusive adult. Because children are so utterly defenseless, so completely dependent on and trusting of the adults in their lives, and so vulnerable to any domestic violence that may be occurring in their homes, it’s hard to know […]

Run, Fillies, Run! Single Moms’ Long Road to the Junior Olympics.

In case you’ve missed it, Beyond Baby Mamas has been helping one of its community members, Nicole Aghaaliandastjerdi, spread the word about her daughter’s track team. The Kentucky Fillies Elite Track Team has been winning medals left and right and because of their tireless efforts, many of the girls have qualified for the Junior Olympics, […]