How to Help a Single-Parent Family Buy a Holiday Toy.

Looking for new ways to give to those in need this holiday season? Beyond Baby Mamas can help, by connecting you to a single parent who needs help buying a gift for their child. Whether you were raised in a one-income household, had a few financially tight holiday seasons as a child, or have ever […]

Single Parents: Need Help With a Gift for Your Small Child? We Can Help!

Beyond Baby Mamas understands that the holidays can be a stressful, financially-prohibitive time for many parents living on one income, and no families that celebrate a gift-exchanging holiday this time of year should have to explain to their children that they can’t have what they most desire. Beyond Baby Mamas would like to help 30 single-parent […]

What Mali Music’s Gospel Album Gets Right About Unmarried Parenting.

It isn’t often that we get hopeful, even-tempered, nonjudgmental songs about unmarried parenting from gospel artists, but Mali Music’s latest album, Mali Is…, released this past Tuesday, gives us just that. The second to last track on the album, “Johnny & Donna,” tells the tale of a young unmarried couple who naively embark on the […]

I Am Recovering From Fatherless Daughter Syndrome.

  The picture above is from 5th grade. It’s an important picture because my dad did my hair that day. My dad… …was tall and slender. …could throw down in the kitchen. …was artistic and musical, and was the person who taught me how to sign my name. …did drugs. …hit my mom. …made empty promises. […]