Tanya Fields, Melissa Harris-Perry and the Single Mom Moment Heard ‘Round the Sister Circle.

People focus on the parts of single motherhood narratives that make them feel comfortable/superior while discarding single mothers' dynamism — stacia l. brown (@slb79) November 8, 2013 On Friday, The New School hosted an historic conversation between black feminist academics bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry. A public meeting long anticipated, the talk yielded high online […]

Happy 1st Anniversary, Beyond Baby Mamas!

Dear Beyond Baby Mamas community — I love y’all. There’s a lot I wanted to write in this post that will kick off our week-long celebration of Beyond Baby Mamas’ one-year anniversary. But the first and most essential thing is that I love all of you. From the mothers and fathers who’ve volunteered to share […]

Beyond Baby Mamas Book of the Day: Single & Happy: The Party of Ones

  Friend of the blog J. Victoria Sanders, writer extraordinaire, has released her first book today. Single & Happy: The Party of Ones is part-memoir, part instructional guide for single women in pursuit of patience, hope, and contentment. Though Sanders’ target audience is childless single women, her experiences and tips have resonance for the Beyond Baby Mamas crowd, […]

‘Othering’ Among Single Mothers.

There’s a premium on respectability in communities of color. We hear it in the frequent sermonizing our families, neighborhoods, civic organizations and churches champion daily: Pull up your pants! Get a college education! Get off welfare! Too many baby showers; not enough weddings! Don’t embarrass us. In any community where the positing of an “us” […]