parting the sea: a separation of womanhood and motherhood

Today’s Community Blogger k l moore discusses her need for some willful separation of her womanhood from her motherhood. you have to be very deliberate in what you choose to see when you look into the face of your children. the spanse between their ears, what rests beneath their brow, cannot be a sea you […]

Exes and Boundaries: Maintaining a Healthy Balance Between Your Current Mate and the ‘X-Factor.’

It is always important to do first what is in the best interest of your children at any given time; but from time to time, co-parents cause mix-ups, messes, and tensions–especially when either or both have moved on to new relationships. The ideal situation would be for all parties to live in perfect harmony, right? […]

Heavy Lifting: Single Mom Tamara D. Brown on Parenting Alone.

Today’s Community Blogger is Tamara D. Brown. Tamara is a social research interviewer by trade and a minister by vocation. She blogs at The Well Report. Tamara became a single mother in 1979. She was 19. She married 11 years later. She is the mother of one daughter: BBM’s founder, Stacia L. Brown. Stacia sat […]