Our First Annual School Supply Drive Ends with Family #25.

Our first annual Online School Supply Drive closes its email solicitation process today, when we’ve selected our last five families. Because we’re new to this kind of endeavor, we’re still refining our process and our limits, as a community. Because of a loving, generous, and enthusiastic effort from sponsors and supporters, word of our drive […]

Help More Single-Parent Families with School Supplies!

The 2013 Beyond Baby Mamas Online School Supply Drive is well underway! You all have been amazing so far; your willingness and eagerness to donate to single-parent families in need has exceeded our requests! If you’re new to this initiative, here’s how it works, single-parent families with school-aged children email Beyond Baby Mamas their teacher-given […]

Single Parents of Color: Do You Need School Supplies?

The 2013-2014 school year begins in less than three weeks for most students. (In some districts, it’s already begun or it never really ended). As a result, we’d like to extend a bit of help to the Beyond Baby Mamas online community or any single parents of color you know offline who may need help […]