In Loving Memory of Cassie.

Community Blogger Nesha Finister discusses the love and loss of a close friend and fellow single mother named Cassie. 

I grew up with Cassie’s family.  Cassie was 5’11”, evenly golden brown, eyes shined like diamonds, legs as long as the Mississippi River and her body mimicked the curves of a coke bottle.  Cassie was beautiful, athletic, and smart. Cassie was basically grown when I was a child.  She left and went on to college and then law school becoming an attorney.  Cassie married and worked as an attorney and became a mother for years before losing it all.  Cassie succumbed to the pressures of drugs and a bad relationship with her husband.  Her life spiraled out of control in a disarray of failed attempts to make her marriage work, kick the drug habit, and continue to be a mother to her daughter.

Cassie decided to pick up herself and her daughter and move back home.  She had a support system there.  She knew the environment she was raising her daughter in was toxic.  She didn’t want that for her daughter.  She no longer wanted the drugs for herself.  She wanted to be whole again.  She wanted to smile.

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