Back-to-School Series: An Interview with Jonterri Gadson.

As part of an ongoing Beyond Baby Mamas discussion about single parents of color and continuing education, we’ll be publishing essays and interviews from some of our cherished community members who’ve started, returned, or finished various levels of education while maintaining full or joint custody of their children.
Jonterri, left, pictured with son and mother at MFA graduation
Jonterri, left, pictured with son and mother at MFA graduation
First up is the incomparable Jonterri Gadson. Jonterri is Debra’s Daughter. A Cave Canem Fellow and a recent graduate of University of Virginia’s Poetry MFA, she is the author of the chapbook Pepper Girl (YesYes Books, 2012). She currently serves as the Herbert W. Martin Post-Graduate Creative Writing Fellow at the University of Dayton in Ohio.
Read her of perseverance, achievement, and mother-son bonding below.

Beyond Baby Mamas: How old were you and how old was your son when you returned to school?

I was 29 and my son was 7 when I went back to finish the last 1.5 years of my BA and then I was 31 and my son was 9 when I entered an MFA program.

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Mothers Mentoring Mothers: Why It’s Vitally Important for Singles.

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