On Father’s Day: “I Had a King Once.”

Our Affirming Black and Brown Fatherhood Series concludes today, with a post by Mark C. Coston, who was primarily raised by his paternal grandfather. His piece, cross-posted from his blog, Junkyard Salvation, is especially resonant for those dealing with loss, those who are beholden to extended family and non-relative father figures, and those whose emotional […]

The Truth About Single Black Women and Adoption.

I am not the first or only single non-famous Black woman to adopt in America, and yet it seems that way. In 2006, I had no clue how hard it would be to wrestle against cultural norms by adopting a baby. Nor did I have guidance on how to handle reactions from Black men who […]

Momma’s Boy: Single Mom Jakiba Herndon on Raising a Son.

Today’s Community Blogger is Jakiba Herndon, a 33-year-old mother of one. She works as a Government Finance Specialist and resides in New Jersey. We asked Jakiba about some of the triumphs and challenges she’s faced, raising a son and navigating a long-distance co-parenting experience. Here’s what she told us. Beyond Baby Mamas: When you found […]