Tanya Fields, Melissa Harris-Perry and the Single Mom Moment Heard ‘Round the Sister Circle.

People focus on the parts of single motherhood narratives that make them feel comfortable/superior while discarding single mothers' dynamism — stacia l. brown (@slb79) November 8, 2013 On Friday, The New School hosted an historic conversation between black feminist academics bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry. A public meeting long anticipated, the talk yielded high online […]

Really, Pastor Marvin Winans? Churches Aren’t Meant to Isolate and Shame Children.

I can’t tell you how many mothers of color I know who grew up attending church every week. I’ve lost count. Young, devout women from various backgrounds — cultural, socioeconomic, denominational. Girls who gave birth to their firstborn as unmarried teens. Women who married before giving birth, divorcees, never-marrieds. We’re a diverse lot. As one […]

‘Othering’ Among Single Mothers.

There’s a premium on respectability in communities of color. We hear it in the frequent sermonizing our families, neighborhoods, civic organizations and churches champion daily: Pull up your pants! Get a college education! Get off welfare! Too many baby showers; not enough weddings! Don’t embarrass us. In any community where the positing of an “us” […]