Single Parents of Color: Do You Need School Supplies?

The 2013-2014 school year begins in less than three weeks for most students. (In some districts, it’s already begun or it never really ended). As a result, we’d like to extend a bit of help to the Beyond Baby Mamas online community or any single parents of color you know offline who may need help […]

Black Love in a Time of Poverty.

What does it mean to root for black love? Historically and culturally, what instructions — whether explicit or implicit — do black women receive about what it means to love black partners? Heteronormative messaging tends to be patriarchal. It begins with “Let a man be a man” and often seems to end with encouraging women […]

CSMC – Ep. 3: “Coed Conversation: Single Fathers’ Rights and Realities.”

This week’s CSMC webcast was the first of many which will feature a single father (or sons of single fathers or men with particular insight into minority single fatherhood). One of our Beyond Baby Mamas goals is to facilitate healthy productive communication with men. Too often, conversations about single parenthood — particularly within communities of […]